Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Here in DC, there's traditionally a Senate/House softball game to decide which side of the legislative branch reigns supreme.  Last year the game was played at RFK, which is kind of a neat thing.  I didn't go or anything, but I could have!  Anyway, I'd presume that they had backup players for pinch-hitting, defensive replacements and so forth.  Presumably, those people would be able to continue working, via their cell phones or PDAs or whatever, while not playing.

Would that be considered "legislating from the bench"?


  1. wait, is this game played with actual members of congress, staff, or both? crazy.

    I don't think that counts at legislating from the bench- more like negotiating from the bench. they can only legislate by actually passing the law. but you know, thats just me being literal.

  2. Either way-
    I want to go to this, and heckle MERCILESSLY.
    Remember, we Philadelphians booed Santa.

  3. I'm gonna guess it was mostly staff, but that elected officials were certainly welcome. Chas knows.