Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Got Chokes And Chokes And Chokes...

Choke, a film adaptation of one of Chuck Palahniuk's better novels, is coming down the pike in a few months. This pleases me tremendously. Fight Club was a coup for him, but Palahniuk's scolding, snide voice is too important to be adapted just once every ten years.

Choke probably wouldn't have been my first choice for a Palahniuk adaptation, since the story backbone isn't quite as strong as Fight Club or the equally satirical Survivor. His post-Fight Club stuff has this nasty habit of indulging and exploring a good idea without bringing it to rest on the right note (see Lullaby).

Then again, even top-notch Palahniuk is wandering and unfocused (with the exception of the notorious Guts) so Choke is as good a choice as any. Besides, it's a riotously funny book. And sexy, as you can tell from the YouTube freeze-frame down there. If Clark Gregg has clarified those pesky narrative strands, this should be a winner.

(The un-embeddable QuickTime version is way less dark, much easier to see.)

As for the trailer... I deduct 10 points for using Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (a.k.a. "Jeff repellent") on the soundtrack, but everything else is aces. The wicked sense of humor looks intact, and the roguish Sam Rockwell is the ideal lead for pretty much any Palahniuk story. I can definitely see him referring to his penis as his "dog." Which is key.

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