Monday, June 20, 2005

Top 10 Things I've Been Doing Since My Old Lady Took The Car And Drove Out West

Don't mistake this for glee in any way. I am simply reporting the facts I have observed lately.
  1. NHL 2004. Technically there was nothing stopping me from doing this before, but I'm just reporting my own observations here. I'm finally back to action! The 2010 playoffs have begun in earnest, and I need to be there for my team. Not so surprisingly, Joey Bananas is still leading the Bruins on the ice; surprisingly, he isn't choking in the playoffs! Another reason why video games are preferable to reality. Let's stop this conversation before it becomes more appropriate for that other blog.
  2. Staying out late. What time is it? Four-thir-tay... yeesh. This wasn't unheard of before, but it's a lot easier.
  3. Staying up late. I've gone to bed before 1:00 maybe twice since she left a week ago. This isn't as good as it sounds. Actually, this reminds me of something else...
  4. I'm not goddamn waking up on time. I'm getting to work at 9:15 on a regular basis. Kate's no morning person, but the fact that she needed to be up made me want to be up.
  5. Watching the Nationals. Even more than before. But I like watching them, and I like the baseball-only approach their TV announcers take. They're sympathetic towards the Nats without leaving the realm of reality. They're not great announcers, but I'll take them over some suck-up sycophantic Company Man.
  6. More meat. After Kate moved in, my freezer remained stocked and static. Now it's in a state of perpetual motion.
  7. Less DC time. The District is only 50 feet away right now, and yet it seems so far away. It was nice to have a reason to go into the city twice a week.
  8. Yelling at the Red Sox through the TV. Ehh, I guess I did this before. But now I do it louder.
  9. Calling up cheap L Street whores. Uh, I mean Meditating alone in a Zen-like fashion. It's been quite, uh, relaxing.
  10. Driving my newwwww caaaaaar!!!!! Come on down! You're the next contestant on Spend $20,000 All Told On A Pile Of Japanese Scrap Metal!!!
So, that's what I've been doing. And nothing else.

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