Friday, October 14, 2005

SmarterMail: You Suck

In the last two weeks, I have had two gigantic, epic posts get eaten by my web mail application. Hours of my life... totally wasted. Therefore, I'm taking this opportunity to say that SmarterMail, by SmarterTools, absolutely sucks. Sucks, I say. Pages load in seconds, not milliseconds. And emails disappear for no reason besides their mandatory session timeout! It's not as if POP/SMTP is that attractive to me... I like having everything in one place without having to configure Thunderbird. That I was forced to do just that, and live with the consequences of separate locations for all of my email, sickens me.

I have to ask... Smarter than WHO? What kind of Special Olympic reject could your program possibly be smarter than? I'd like to meet this person, just to congratulate him/her for blowing my mind out the back of my skull. What a winner. Oh, wait, I know who it is: the CEO of SmarterTools! Who the hell could be proud of a program that eats people's work? Congratulations, retard, your product sucks.

By the way, I've done nothing but praise CrystalTech since I signed up for their hosting services. That shit's over. You want to get my word-of-mouth back? Stop endorsing this piece of shit with your business. It's embarrassing.

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