Sunday, January 08, 2006

I've Had A Breakthrough

It happened.  The unthinkable finally happened.  I was trying to avoid it, put it off as long as possible, but I just couldn't do it anymore.  Liking similar bands like Death Cab and Snow Patrol, while resisting Coldplay, was too much.  So I gave in.  Now I like Coldplay, and no longer think they're a bunch of pussies.  I still have my reservations, but I've concluded that being woefully inoffensive is not offensive in and of itself, and listening to them is nothing to be ashamed of.  "Talk" pushed me over the edge.  I listened to it a couple times this week and concluded it was too good a song for me to actively dislike them anymore.  (And no, I don't suddenly feel like buying a Swedish car.)

I actually feel a lot guiltier for listening to The Decemberists.  I feel like a real nerd for liking Picaresque.  Colin Meloy is either the lovechild of a three-way between Katharine Hepburn and Gilbert & Sullivan, or the explanation for why you shouldn't read too many Herman Melville novels.  Getting into the ups and downs of his tales of woe makes me feel like an absolute dork every time it happens.  Brilliant stuff though.  The musical concept reminds me a lot of what Sufjan Stevens does, except with more polish and less God.


  1. Heard My Morning Jacket's Z yet?
    I finally gave it its due last week. Es muy bueno.
    Especially "Gideon". Can't get that song out of my head.

  2. Yes I have. Good stuff. Not great; I think it kinda sags at the end.

    John in the Morning would be proud of us. Next stop: Elbow!

  3. I'll throw Wolf Parade out there too.

    I have my usual complaint about independent acts... they were produced in such a way that they're supposed to sound "raw,", but in fact sound like shit. It drives me nuts when producers ruin their work because unnecessary distortion is what gains indie cred. It's not artistic, it's not helpful, it just sucks.

    That said, it's pretty good anyway.