Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nip / Tuck (S1)

I just finished watching season one of Nip/Tuck.  Great show.  It lost some steam towards the end though... I suppose they couldn't really keep it up for 13 episodes of 100% unexpected drama.  The season finale was a bit more deus ex machina than I expected.  I figured they'd give me the kind of finale that creates more problems than it resolves.  The out-of-nowhere 180 on the divorce is primarily what bothers me, because there was really no justification for it... all the justification she'd need came before she gave the ring back.  It just seemed a little half-baked to me.  Like, it's the last episode, and they had to do something about it, so shazam!  Their unflinching depiction of the divorce situation's grey areas is one of the show's strengths, so it was disappointing to see a classically melodramatic conclusion.

But on the plus side, watching Dr. Troy become the butt of a classic "who's the father?" joke was priceless.  After a season of scream-at-your-TV twists and turns, including a shot of botox to the junk and a tube spewing liposucked fat from a pedophile, that trumped them all.  I never expected it, though I figured it out as soon as his expression changed.  What a moment.  I constantly laugh at how this show makes me react in outrage to a TV show, like I'm some old biddy on a floral couch.  But it's so much fun to watch them straddle the line between dramatic bravery and utter ridiculousness.

I guess they do leave a few matters unattended, but this is a show that's usually brave enough to leave us disturbed, not comforted.  Maybe that will happen with the next couple seasons.

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