Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creative Arts Emmy In A Box

How was my day made?  By learning that "Dick In A Box" won an Emmy for best original song.  Huzzah!  For just one night, sanity and boxed genitals reigned supreme.

Does it make up for the hideous Oscar-night loss by "Uncle Fucker" seven years ago?  Absolutely not.  That's a pain that not even time can heal.  But far be it from me to begrudge the success of two guys who gift-wrapped their penises for Kwanzaa.

Additional props to Andy Samberg for his acceptance speech:

"I think it's safe to say that when we first set out to make this song, we were all thinking 'Emmy!'" Samberg said in accepting the award Saturday for best original music and lyrics.

"The other thing we were thinking was, 'Hey! Here's this young up and comer, Justin Timberlake, who is clearly very talented and could clearly use a break,'" Samberg said. "So, Justin, if you're out there, congrats to you, kid."

Finally, check out the end of this CNN story (feel free to skip everything about the obnoxious attention whore) for a fantastic summary of the "Dick In A Box" video:

Andy Samberg of "SNL" said Saturday that he had yet to be asked by the TV academy to perform the tune with Timberlake on the Fox broadcast, but he was willing. Timberlake, on a concert tour, is scheduled to be in Los Angeles next weekend.

The subject of their "(Blank) in a Box" video: wrapping a certain part of the male anatomy and presenting it to a loved one as a holiday present.

Give that man a Pulitzer.  I could never have boiled "Dick In A Box" down to its essence so perfectly.  I would have loved to be the guy who took a crack at it, though.

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