Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Cannot Agree More With This Sentiment

Die Yuppie Kickball.  Indeed.  This site wins the internet for all sorts of reasons:

  • Their visual mission statement.
  • Analysis
  • Pranks
  • They link to this guy.  Fuck the heck?!?  What's stupider... hating Wonderland, thinking to evaluate it based on its "kickball bar" attibutes, or trumpeting how big a moron you are all over the internet?

[h/t DCist


  1. I have never even seen "yuppie kickball"... yet after studying that website with the intensity of a convict finding Allah in a jailhouse library, I feel ready to lay down my better judgment and my next three to six months for The Front.

  2. I think Spangler used to be on a DC kickball squad.

    /don't tase me bro

  3. I'll never see Jack Spangler the same way again. I thought we were friends. I officially declare war on this kickball-loving dong-mongrel.

    /take off every zig for great justice

  4. Foof and Jesse I-B (and others)play in the Philly kickball league.