Friday, April 21, 2006

Primitive Screwheads Need Not Apply

Guess what just arrived in the mail... the out-of-print Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness: Boomstick Edition DVD, featuring both the S-Mart version and the extended/"apocalypse" version.  Well hellooooooooo, Mr. FANCY PANTS!!!!  As non-sequitur as it is, I'm kinda partial to the "notorious" S-Mart ending.  You can't beat "hail to the king, baby."  But on the other hand, more Army of Darkness means more of something good.  Basically, I can't lose.  I could blindly select one disc or the other, and remain entertained for an entire evening.  That moment will have to wait until next week, but when it happens, ohhhhhhh boy.

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  1. Quick word on the Director's Cut... I gotta say, I was surprised by the low quality of a lot of the footage on that disc. And I mean a LOT. The whole "many Ashes in the mirror" sequence looked like a VHS copy of a LaserDisc, as did much of the climactic battle. I've seen the Director's Cut before, and I don't remember it looking this bad. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, and the extended cut is just that bad, but I'm really, really surprised that they released something of such low quality commercially.