Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've Made A Huge Myth Takes

Myth Takes, the new album from !!!, is awesome. It's just as good as Louden Up Now, but more consistent. The band sounds as spiffy as ever. Layers of percussive rhythm... that menacingly spacious guitar... and, of course, bass in your face. "Bend Over Beethoven" and "Heart of Hearts" are epics. I don't know that either of them approaches "Me and Giuliani" on an individual level, but only history and repeat listens can determine that. All in all, an impressive follow-up, one that I didn't think would be nearly as good as it is. Fun fun fun.

The only catch, and it's a big one, is that frontman Nic Offer still hasn't learned his lesson yet about not writing moronic lyrics for the sake of it. It's not funny. I mean, it's not just that he has nothing of any consequence to say, because folks have succeeded with that formula for centuries. But at least someone like Scott Weiland has written something innocuous. When your lyrics are along the lines of "I've got some words / here they are / ooooh, yeah, got words right here" then you're not even doing your job, really. Kinda ruins things.

For example, feast your eyesticles on this excerpt from the tune "Sweet Life":


An adult wrote that. Those are the lyrics. To a song. A song that makes the "ramma-lamma ding-dong" guy look like Robert Frost. Actually, I found a picture of Nic Offer's word processor:

So that's what happened. Now I get it! It was actually an incisive examination of the current political underpinnings of the legalization movement, but it came out all A A and C C C because of the hardware. Stupid hardware.

Aaaaaaanyway... pretty shitty, right? Now, this isn't a huge deal to me. !!! and their album are still friggin awesome. But tell me, how am I supposed to spread the !!! gospel, as I want to do, with this "B B B" crap? I need words. Nic, please... help me help you.

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