Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Horse And A Zebra Fell In The Mud...

...but a horse, a zebra, and this [via Fark] came out.  ROFL THEY HAD TEH SEXES IN MUD

Nice picture, but the Sun fails in two of its responsibilities:

1) They conveniently hide the fact that the zorse isn't a particularly momentous development.  It's no different from other equine hybrids, like the mule.  If a frog fucked a babboon, and a green amphibious monkey who spoke sign language had popped out, that would be news.  This is just the circle of life.  (Well, not the circle, cause the poor bastard's sterile.  But you get the idea.)

2) They don't make it clear that this phenomenon is unique to equine animals.  Without that disclaimer, everyone's gonna go around nailing horses and zebras to see if they can make a real-life Mr. Ed.  People, please don't go out and fuck a zebra tonight.  I beg you.  It's really not as great as it sounds, and your offspring won't talk.  (You'll be lucky if it can breathe.)

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