Monday, December 03, 2007


My love for the criminally unheralded film Idiocracy has been documented frequently around here. Me and, like, 12 other people like it a lot.

Naturally, then, those 12 people and I are the target audience for... get ready... Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator! Unless kottke and the Googletubes are lying to me again, someone is actually making Brawndo. It's got electrolytes!!!

This commercial actually does more to suggest it's a hoax than to promote the "product":

Fox took such a bath on Idiocracy that it'd be natural for them to license and monetize anything they could from the experience. I'm in favor of them making back as much money as they can, if only so that they might feel less discouraged from taking a similar risk in the future.

Or maybe they gave up the rights to Brawndo to one of the brand name conglomerates (Carl's Jr., Starbucks, Costco, American XXXpress) that Mike Judge hornswaggled, as a sign of corporate good-faith.

Or maybe it's a big fat fake. That seems more likely. But for now... pretty awesome.


  1. So when do we get the Gentleman's Latte?

  2. It's not a hoax, it's really real, and you can buy it now.

  3. do they serve it at ButtFucker's?

  4. Chris: I like money.

    Gabe: Yes. And that's "Butt: Fuckers" to you, pal.

    Brawndo: OK, I'll bite. Where will I be able to drink you? Anywhere that warms its meats on little rollers, I presume? Care to be specific about which markets will get it?

    Few other things:

    * I'm convinced it's real. I've seen enough sources now to feel that it's not a hoax.

    * Fox is indeed behind it, at least partially.