Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bacon And The Human Response

The A.V. Club's ongoing series of disgusting food reviews (note: the food's disgusting, not the reviews) appears to have tripped upon a winner: the bacon-and-maple lollipop. Color me intrigued.

Pops untasted, I suspect the A.V. Club's general consensus, that sweet + savory = "jarring" and off-putting, is true. And the pops actually kinda look like pre-congealment bacon fat, even if they're mostly maple.

However, I'm leaning towards these things working out. It's not something I'd pick up at the store once a week (if only I could) but also not something I'd turn down if offered one.

If anything, this proves how fan-damn-tastic bacon is. The one bit that everyone seemed to agree on, even those who disliked the lollipops, was that people enjoyed chewing into the embedded bacon bits. Proof that unless you're a member of the Tribe, or some kind of filthy hippie freak, you are addicted to bacon.

Which is, I think, why this commercial always hit home:

If Beggin' Strips were for humans, you could make the same exact commercial, complete with crawling on the ground. Bacon turns people into Gollum.

Speaking of the dog food commercials of my Price-Is-Right-loving youth:

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  1. The best part of the Snausages spot is the last line, "for dogs." Pure gold.