Friday, August 19, 2005

Alcoholics Anonymous, Here I Come

Last night I improved my time in the 750 mL Dash to approximately 2:15 hours, down from 3+ a couple of months ago.  This may not be particularly impressive, given the abilities of some of you winos out there, but for me this is a huge improvement in both speed and effortlessness.  Breaking the one-bottle barrier in the first place was a big step, but doing so without it being blog-worthy will be the real achievement.  Though before I proclaim any real greatness, perhaps I should upgrade to something more robust than a Beaujolais... maybe a Merlot or a Shiraz (though I don't have any particular affinity for them in general).  Additionally, I didn't even remember until now that I'd packed away a whole bottle.  This after a pretty productive day at work, so clearly I didn't feel any ill effects.  Maybe I can be an alkie after all...

Oh, and one other thing, since I'm talking about wine.  There's an Albarino I'm obsessed with, made by Pazo de Senorans (Spain)... it goes down so easily it's like you're drinking water.  If you see it, get it.


  1. Check this out

    available at

    not that I want you to become an alcoholic or anything.

  2. Annapolis?!? Dang. There's gotta be somewhere closer...

  3. well, either
    a) maybe because its in MD they're allowed to ship to you


    b) you could make a day of it and go and eat crabs at Cantlers- mom says its good.

  4. OK then, I'll go to Annapolis and get crabs.