Wednesday, August 17, 2005

You Stay Uncensored, San Diego

The commentary on the Anchorman DVD is really hilarious.  Will Ferrell and co-writer/director Adam McKay spend the first 20-30 minutes ignoring the movie entirely, and just saying the most vulgar things they can think of because it's "unrated."  They'd be like "OK, now suppose we were to involve the sanctity of the Christmas holiday.  We all have warm feelings about Christmas, but let's just put this out there, you know, let's see if this one's got some wings: twelve shaven sacks of balls, all in a row, on Christmas."  It's not a commentary on the movie per se, but it does demonstrate the creative process behind the nutty non sequiturs Ferrell always seems to come up with.

I do have a serious problem with the DVD though, which is that most of the stuff they said got bleeped out.  Come on!  For example, "dick salad" made it through, but the word "cock" did not.  "Shitballs" is OK, but not "fuckstick" or "monkey cum."  On an unrated DVD.  How does that make sense?  The only rational explanation is that they censored it for comic reasons, because it would be funnier to have an artificial boundary to rub up against.  But that's stupid.  The funniest lines were butchered by the constant bleeping.  Considering the creativity of some of the ideas ("OK, now imagine a John Williams soundtrack playing in the background... very warm... and then just imagine, just try to picture twelve enormous cocks next to each other, coming one after another in slow motion") it's a real shame it wasn't left intact.  I'm now glad, as a matter of fact, that I bought a used Canadian version of the DVD through a private seller, instead of letting more Americans get rich off of this censored travesty.

I wish I had an uncensored version of the uncensored version.  If anyone out there knows how to hear the unedited commentary, I'd love to hear about it.

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