Friday, August 12, 2005

Man On Film

The Fantastic Four

It was fine.  I heard it was a waste of time, but I wouldn't quite say that.  It just wasn't memorable in any particular way.  The effects were good enough, but not that good.  I enjoyed the hijinks of Johnny Blaze and Ben Grimm, but the melodramatic comic-book acting wasn't much good... Jessica Alba is about as interesting to watch as a doorknob.  (Well, two doorknobs.  Hey-oooo!)  Victor Von Doom was sufficiently evil, but Dr. Doom wasn't.  I think Dr. Dooom would have been scarier to kids.  There weren't any amazing moments to counteract the groanworthy moments, but I'm feeling conciliatory today.  Nothing was bad enough to piss me off, so it was enjoyable.

I will say this, though: Fantastic Four will be ri-goddamn-diculous in 15 years, with all the "cool" extreme-sports shit that Johnny Blaze does.  This will not age well.

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