Monday, May 28, 2007

Today's Sign Of The Apocalypse

I just saw a commercial on TNT for a new, full-body version of KY lube.  I didn't know they were advertising on TV.  I guess Trojan and Cialis advertise as well, but those products have medical/anti-viral benefits.  KY's pretty much just for fuckin'.  Hard fuckin'.  Seems a bit risque, even for cable, given that they're advertising lube during a holiday Law & Order marathon.

I assume it's the ability to use it as a body lotion, and not just a lubricant, that makes it appropriate for afternoon viewing.  It tingles, so obviously you'd want to rub it all over your neck before squirting it all over your vajayjay or balloon knot.  Because hey, who wouldn't want to be covered in personal lubricant?  In fact, what am I doing at the computer?  I'm gonna go cover myself in lube.  Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

  1. KY does have non-sexual uses- which is why it's always remained on the "permitted" list on airplanes, even during the ill-advised no-liquids reign of terror.

    That said, I would KILL to see someone slathering KY all over themselves in the middle of a crowded Delta redeye.