Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Best Eating Game Ever

This has been an amazing day between me and the Internet, which is shocking since I'm running on 5 hours of sleep and quite grumpy as a result.  And yet I have had loads of fun.

For example, here's a nugget of wisdom from famous keg stand dynamo Eddie Argos of Art Brut:

After the show in Norwich we ended up at a party thrown by a man called Dan Ottolangui. I woke up in his house in the morning with "You are now an Ottolangui" on my arm, in my own handwriting. It took a while to realise that it was a surname: I thought maybe I'd done something to myself in the night and Ottolangui was the scientific name for what I'd become. I like being an Ottolangui. I joined his family because we had a mutual love of the comedian Stewart Lee, the same record collection, and because at Sunday dinner his family play a game in which they shout an item from their meal, for example "broccoli", and then they all have to eat that item really quickly. Sometimes they shout "freestyle" and can eat what they like. Who wouldn't want to join that family? I'm now Eddie Ottolangui.
That game is totally happening.  I want to have a potluck now, just so this game can be played.

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