Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trailers As Opening Act, Not Commercials: Naiiiice, Haigh Faive!!!

I spent yesterday afternoon seeing the incredibly hilarious and brilliant-on-every-level Hot Fuzz.  But I'll discuss that later.

I was highly impressed by the Majestic's choice of trailers prior to the film: Superbad, Balls of Fury, and Knocked Up.  Three hilarious, excessively silly trailers running ahead of a hilarious, excessively silly movie.

How perfect.  It was like an opening act, or a well-produced mixtape.  Advertisers reach the comedy audience, the audience gets some bonus comedy.  No piece-of-shit pre-teen ghost stories about subscribing to an RSS feed from beyond the graaaaaave.  No Kleenex klassics in which we all learn to appreciate our mothers-in-law, no matter how eccentric they may be.  No sign of the latest moronic robots-blowing-each-other-up fiasco.  Just teh funny, teh whole funny, and nothing but teh funny.  Everybody wins.

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