Thursday, October 26, 2006

Concert News

* Death Cab for Cutie, on whom the jury is still out (IMHO) pending their follow-up to Plans, is coming to Constitution Hall in a couple weeks.  I wasn't sure right away that I wanted to go, but I changed my mind.  I'm going.  It'll be a good show.  And for all my reservations about Plans, I still listen to it more often than any of their other albums.  I'm really just holding them to a higher standard.  (Because they know better!!!)

Anyway, all of those reservations about the show just got flushed down the loo.  Turns out Ted Leo & the Pharmacists will be the opener.  Now I'm totally looking forward to the show.  I would have gone to see Ted on his own.

* Thanksgiving sucks.  I like my family and the free turkey and all, but I have to miss The Hold Steady and Robert Randolph.  They couldn't wait for me to get back?!?  I feel like I just stepped on the burning paper bag on my doorstep.  Festive holiday spirit my ass!  At least I'll be around for My Morning Jacket.  That'll be fun.


  1. get ready jeff.
    get ready for 10,000 screaming 13 year old girls getting the words wrong and waving indiglo cell phones like cigarette lighters.


  2. Yeah, that's the catch.

    But to be perfectly honest, if DCFC or Ted Leo were playing 9:30, there wouldn't be any teenyboppers texting each other while their moms looked on from the back, but there would definitely be some drunk asshole with a cigarette pushing people out of his way and elbowing them all night. If the choice is between a bunch of teenyboppers who don't know any better, and a Drunk Violent Smoking Asshole who does, I'll take the teenyboppers every time.