Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jeff Likes The Spinto Band

I checked out The Spinto Band's 2005 album, Nice and Nicely Done, on a lark, since they're opening for Art Brut on Tuesday.  I'm pleasantly surprised.  They remind me a lot of Imperial Teen, but without the dark, brooding sense that they're going to carve you up and throw you in a suitcase.  In other words, good power-pop.  I like it.

Grizzly Bear, on the other hand, loses.  I got Yellow House, and I think I'd rather watch the paint dry on said house.


  1. your blog has a new (more sanitized) name!! wow. its a new era.

  2. I feel like I told you about the Spinto Band ages ago, but maybe not. They are a lot of fun live -- we have seen them several times since they're local. We're seeing them w/ Art Brut on Friday here.

  3. You might very well have told me about them. Disembodied band names don't have much staying power.

    The show tonight should be lots of fun.