Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligent Design Works!

Oh, no, I meant intelligent design of the judicial branch.  Jesus fought the law, and the law won!  Bonnnnnng!

I can't imagine it's over, since there will most certainly be appeals brought and technicalities invoked, but in the meantime I feel soft and fuzzy knowing that this law will knock some future voters off the mailing list of Sen. Prick Santorum (R-FU).  Good to see Pricky Rick can't control his own backyard!

(Note to the unaware: Pennsylvania's frothy junior senator is not, in fact, the namesake of this blog.  If you're not one of those faint-of-heart types, and you're not at work, open Santorum's Box, and allow Dan "Savage Love" Savage to show you what's inside.  Beware... once you know what that frothy mixture is, there's no going back.  I sure haven't.  NSFW)

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  1. sandeep poonan says he bent his wookie