Monday, December 19, 2005

Sympathy For Carl / Senseless Violence On TV

Man... I'm not sure I like where the Aqua Teen people have gone with Carl.  When they accidentally sucked him through the jets of a high-powered toilet-of-the-future, I was OK with it.  When they had Master Shake shoot his foot off with a shotgun, I went with the flow.  When the tree lawyers tore the skin off his back to use as parchment, I didn't say anything.  But last night, when they made him shove a broom all the way up his ass so that it nearly pushed through his skull... ugh.  And as if that weren't enough, then they made him try to saw his own leg off with a butter knife.  Come on.  All the man wanted was a set of rims.  Is that a crime?  To paraphrase Moe Sislak, he doesn't deserve this kind of shabby treatment.  Let the man have his dignity.  And his rims.

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